Monday, September 19, 2011

Tonight, I'm enjoying a magnum bottle of Frontera's (Concha Y Toro) 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. I've always loved CyT's "bargain" line, Frontera, and it's been my mainstay for the better part of 10 years, particularly during a time of economic drought. Their Cab, Cab/Merlot, and Carmenere are all the absolute best one can do for a $4 bottle of wine, which, when you pick up a magnum, this is. Frontera wines average out at $5, or $8 for a 1.5L, and one would be a fool to round up a cache of Two Buck Chuck for a party, or dinner, or private drinking and dining session (that's my style, you see) when the Frontera can be had for just a dollar more per 750 ml.

Tonight's Sauvignon Blanc is a Frontera first for me: being a red obsessive, I am wretchedly ignorant when it comes to the crisp, citrus-y charms of white varietals. I drink white with seafood and pork and sometimes chicken because I have manners (all rumors of whorefucking and drug-taking notwithstanding) and I have gotten drunk on many whites and pondered them, but never with genuine dedication. But in the eve of my 34th year, I have become seduced, at long last, by white wine, and I look for residual sugar, and pale fruit, and mineral notes, and I consider the "fluttering" notes as well, when before I was only interested in that bottle, which when uncorked - as with so many of my beloved Monastrell wines-, break down the goddamn door and kick your dog in the guts while berating your choice of furniture.

Frontera's Sauv Blanc is a very lemony beast, buttery lemon on the nose and sour vanilla-lemonade-green pepper-candy apple on the palate as well, with a very okay (but somewhat short) finish. It's a god damn delight, friends, and my aim was to begin my red wine blog with a white just to challenge myself and the notion of red as the more dramatic and "spiritual" and seductive of the two broadest categories...but I do believe that I'll be buying more white than red over the coming weeks, and no, I'm not changing the name of the blog...and as I said, my aim was to christen this forum with a white wine, and so I have done...although there's barely anything really in-depth stated about Frontera's 2010 Sauv Blanc....but I've just had two magnums of the stuff (that's four bottles worth, Captain Kirk) and I'm pie-faced. My first wine review is complete, and I am an alcoholic wretch who doesn't know wine as well as he claims to but will write about it anyway. I am returning tomorrow with Anakena's 2010 Carmenere.

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  1. By the way, I am not mathematically incorrect in saying that the Frontera wines can be had for a dollar more, at $4, than Two Buck Chuck because "Two Buck Chuck" is just a nickname that we are all fond of and cling to, because it has a better ring to it. Two Buck Chuck is actually three dollars now. But we still call homemade compilation CDs "mix tapes", don't we? So spare me your admonishments and corrections. I'm not a retard.